Autumn Essentials: Apples and Blackberries

Autumn Essentials: Apples and Blackberries

Autumn is the season of contrats and changes for colors, weather and even for vegetables. At least here in the Basque Country. We can enjoy all the cycle of trees changing colors in mountains and woods; from green to yellow, orange or even to reddish colors. For other kind of trees, autumn only means losing their leaves. This process is usually linked to weather conditions. If the weather keeps its summer-type mood for longer, it all goes slowlier, and by the time trees change their appearance, winter arrives. If autumn conditions come accordingly -not being this the normal pattern for the last years- all this beautiful cycle just flows.

Autumn at home.

I don’t know if -but I can say- climate change is having influence in autumn being just an extension of summer until winter arrives. But I think, the past years, autumn is not having its time or space to show its most beautiful side, and I really miss it! I miss the natural cycle of autumn, colorful mountains, chilly mornings that turn warmer while the morning goes ahead, windy and cloudy days or some other rainy ones.

Apart from that happening, autumn is still the time of harvesting all the variety of veggies you have planted the previous months, when fruit trees start to offer their most delicious fruits or when all the thorny bushes that were a bit annoying in your last runs, try to say sorry with yummie little berries.

The climate in the Basque Country is perfect for apples and blackberries and here autumn is the best season to pick them up. It’s usually tons of apples and blackberries out there by this time of the year, but you know your fridge can’t hold them all for ever.

So, here are some good tricks to enjoy apples and blackberries during the winter too. For blackberries I just pick them, wash them and put them on the freezer, in this way they keep all their nutritional value. I just take them out whenever I want to bake something, prepare a smoothy or a latte or just use them on my salad or granola bowl. It really works good!

In the case of the apples, I make apple sauce and keep them in glass jars. I also use my dehydratator to dry them so that they can last longer to use in salads, breakfast bowls or just as a snack!

To end this post I’d like to share my apple sauce recipe, which is sugar-free, but delicious at the same time:


-5-6 apples

-100-150ml water

-1 tbspoon cinamon


1.First of all, peel all the apples and make little slices.

2.Take a cooking pot and throw the water, make sure all the bottom is covered by a thin layer (1-2 cm)

3.Throw the apples and the cinammon to the pot and mix it all.

4.Cook over low heat for aprox. 30 mins. Mix every 10 minutes,

5.Blend and put in on glass jars.

Home made apple sauce

Enjoy Autumn! 😉


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