I‘m Igone Campos Odriozola (Zumarraga, Basque Country), nature and mountain lover. I studied Environmental Sciences in order to have a deeper knowledge about nature and have a better connection with it. 


Although I’m a teacher in biology by profession, I am so passionate about mountains that I spend almost all my free time in them. For me, this is the way to learn about myself, to disconnect, to meet people with my same passion and to develop other competences which nowadays I’m training to be better at, such as, communication and social media.


I have been in the mountains since I was a little girl; I ski since I was 4 years old and I run and ski in the mountains since I was 20 years old. Nowadays I’m part of the Dynafit Athlete team and the basque skimountaineering team. I also have Julbo Eyewear’s support!


My aim is to be happy and mountains are the place I found that happiness. I’d love mountains to be the place to grow as a person, find my own limits and develop my professional career! And I’m on the way! 😉