Alimentarse de Sueños

Ni mis padres ni yo imaginábamos que las tablas de plástico que me pusieron cuando apenas tenía 5 años, serían las herramientas perfectas para hoy cumplir miles de sueños y realizar tantas aventuras en la montaña invernal.  Dicen que aquéllos que tienen la suerte de colocarse dos tablas de esquí bajo sus pies desde bien pequeños son los que acaban teniendo un control total de sí…

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Homemade Granola

Blackberry-Apple Granola for your Autumn and Winter breakfasts My favorite kind of breakfast is when I mix vegetal milk with oats, nuts, fruits, dried fruits and seeds. I usually have it unsweatened, with a little bit of cinnamon, but, sometimes, I like to change flavours or get that little extra sweet, but without sugar. And that's the moment I think about a delicious granola. But, what's…

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Autumn Essentials: Apples and Blackberries

Autumn is the season of contrats and changes for colors, weather and even for vegetables. At least here in the Basque Country. We can enjoy all the cycle of trees changing colors in mountains and woods; from green to yellow, orange or even to reddish colors. For other kind of trees, autumn only means losing their leaves. This process is usually linked to weather conditions. If…

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