Carrot Cake Saludable

Me encontré por primera vez con un carrot cake hace 7 años, cuando vivía en Escocia. Entonces, todavía no había llegado este pastel al País Vasco, pero la verdad es que no tardó demasiado en llegar. Cuando lo probé, no me esperaba un sabor tan dulce. Pero, ¿cómo no iba a ser dulce? el bizcocho lleva un montón de azúcar, y no te quiero ni contar…

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Cashew Cheese

Good morning! These are not easy days for anyone, because as easy as it might sound to stay at home, it’s not always like this. Anyway, let’s make the most of this time spent at home!  For me, apart from doing my training at home (it takes most of the time!), one of the things I’m trying to do is to improve the recipes I did…

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Cacao and Tahini Cookies

Hey April! New month, new recipe! ;) here is  the cookie in which I can enjoy together two of my weaknesses: cacao and tahini! If you also love this two ingredients as much as I do you should try these tahini and cacao cookies.  Just eat one whenever you feel like, as a sunday (or any other day of the week) treat or just in any moment…

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Carob and Raspberry muffins

September is the month when forests in the Basque Country are full of delicious blackberries. In the woods in the pyrenees, though, we will find raspberries instead of blackberries. Although both of them are ready to collect in september, as each one needs different kinds of conditions to live and grow, we will find them in different places. Luckily, I can enjoy mountains either in the…

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Homemade Granola

Blackberry-Apple Granola for your Autumn and Winter breakfasts My favorite kind of breakfast is when I mix vegetal milk with oats, nuts, fruits, dried fruits and seeds. I usually have it unsweatened, with a little bit of cinnamon, but, sometimes, I like to change flavours or get that little extra sweet, but without sugar. And that's the moment I think about a delicious granola. But, what's…

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Autumn Essentials: Apples and Blackberries

Autumn is the season of contrats and changes for colors, weather and even for vegetables. At least here in the Basque Country. We can enjoy all the cycle of trees changing colors in mountains and woods; from green to yellow, orange or even to reddish colors. For other kind of trees, autumn only means losing their leaves. This process is usually linked to weather conditions. If…

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